Frequently Asked Questions

No, our full body goose decoys are made in one piece.

Yes, all of our duck floaters are oversized to have more visibility while hunting.

Yes, the bases attach to the decoys with a bungee cord, so they can be removed for transportation.

Yes, we guarantee that the paint will not flake or chip off our full body goose decoys for 3 years

Our goose decoys are carved based off a live giant Canada goose that weighed about 12 lbs.

The heads for your Rogue Series Goose Floaters are meant to attach to the decoy tightly so you are able to handle the decoy by the head without having the head detach from the body. Before you install the head to the body we recommend you soak the male attachment end of each head in a bucket of hot water for 20 seconds before attempting to attach it to the body. This will soften the plastic and protect the tabs which securely hold the head in place. The result of this process will ensure a good connection and years of hassle free use from your decoys.

We use a blend of rubberized plastic and EVA to mold our decoys with. This combination of materials is very porous and allows our specially mixed paints to penetrate and adhere to the surface of the plastic. Our blend of plastic is also soft so cold temperatures will not make our decoys brittle and allows them to absorb impact better.