About Us

doa-decoyOur mission is to be the brand of choice for waterfowl hunters, by providing products that are not only supremely functional but also life-like to help put more birds – in your face. Waterfowl Hunting is a sport steeped in history with a rich tradition of camaraderie and conservation.

Throughout the years, man’s passion for hunting wildfowl has not wavered but the equipment used in his quest to lure these majestic creatures into gunning range has changed dramatically. Sink boxes and punt guns from the days of the market hunter to layout blinds and auto-loaders of the modern era; the tools of the trade have changed vastly and each generation has left their mark on this great sport.


DOA Decoys has taken aim to leave its mark on only one aspect of this great sport; The Gunning Decoy. We spent months reviewing the art portfolios of some the most renowned waterfowl carvers in North America and stumbled upon not one but two world class, world champion carvers who would combine their unrivaled mastery of wildfowl carving to create the perfect line of gunning decoys.

Victor Paroyan and Glenn Ladenberger have taken on our challenge to create our line of decoys starting with our full body Canada Geese and we’re thrilled to be working with the best in the business!