Rogue Series

Fullbody Canada Goose Decoys

DOA Decoys is proud to introduce our flagship line of decoys, the Rogue Series. The Rogue Series is the pinnacle of modern goose decoys.

We hired two of the best wildfowl carvers in the world to create the most anatomically correct, realistic decoys ever brought to market. Our exclusive 8-step paint process layers colors and highlights the incredible detail of our molds to bring each decoy to life. We’re also changing the game with the materials we use to construct the Rogue Series, and our reinvented motion system. Our Vulcanized Plastic is a blend of HDPE and rubber creating a decoy which can withstand an amazing amount of abuse and its porous properties give the decoys unrivaled paint retention. Each decoy is equipped with DOA’s revolutionary “Hex” base and motion system. The “Hex” base is an oversized Hexagon with a stabilizing cross member to keep the decoys upright even in high wind situations. The molded motion cone is recessed into the decoys giving them smooth life like movement even in the lightest of winds. When you combine all the features and benefits of the Rogue Series all other decoys become obsolete. We’re devoted to producing the finest decoys available with the best customer service in the industry because at DOA, waterfowl hunting isn’t a sport; it’s a way of life.